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A Glimpse of Singapore
Release time:2011/4/28 10:04:44 Daily:2368
A Journey of Beauty & Melody Orchestra to Singapore  Invited by Chinese Newspapers Division and Singapore Press Holdings, a group of 8 people from Beauty & Melody Or ...
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Overseas Chinese acknowledgement
Release time:2010/8/11 14:53:01 Daily:967
Distinguished leaders and staff of Sichuan Beauty & Melody Orchestra: Firstly we wish to express heartfelt thanks to you!

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Chinese and French Classic Musical Instruments Ensemble in Chengdu
Release time:2010/8/11 14:51:54 Daily:957
Chinese Culture Express: Recently, two classic musical instruments in the w ...
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Pride Concert Hall Filled with National Music under the Cool Gust of Autumn Wind
Release time:2010/8/11 14:47:12 Daily:938
Notes of Chamber Concert of Beauty Flying with Melody Having not escaped the torridity of summer, audience nosily rushes into Pride Conce ...
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Beauty & Melody Blossoming in Wuhan
Release time:2010/5/20 21:00:42 Daily:1053
Written by Xiong Ying of the Beauty & Melody Orchestra Invited by Propaganda Department of Wuhan Municipal Committee of CCP and Wuhan ...
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