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Chinese and French Classic Musical Instruments Ensemble in Chengdu

Release time:2010/8/11 14:51:54  Daily:962

Chinese Culture Express: Recently, two classic musical instruments in the west and east with the same root – French Lute and Chinese Pipa accompanied at Chengdu Golden Theatre beyond boundary over 1,500 years. The performance was the first ensemble of international intangible cultural heritage--- French Lute and Chinese Pipa.

Mr. Thether Lekera, principal of Chengdu French Association and organizer of the evening and Ms. Mu Linghong, Chief of the Band and Arts Director introduced: “French Lute and Chinese Pipa have the same root. In about 6th century AC, Arabic musical instruments came to the Europe via the Silk Road and then to China. Till now, they two are in a “kin”. Their appearance, timbre and fingering are similar to each other, just like twins.”

The concert was in 3 chapters, “An Ambush”, “Night Banquet in Shu Palace” in the context of royal music and dance by Chengdu Yongling 24 female dancers and “Xianzi and Tita” full of Tibetan styles by Beauty & Melody; solo “Waterfall”, “Mysterious Eyelashes” and “Crazy Spanish” by Miguel Saidulla; ensemble “On a Moonlit River in Spring” and “Flowing Water” by Chinese and French players. The ensemble brought about one 1,000 audiences back to the passing years.

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