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Overseas Chinese acknowledgement

Release time:2010/8/11 14:53:01  Daily:970

Distinguished leaders and staff of Sichuan Beauty & Melody Orchestra:

Firstly we wish to express heartfelt thanks to you!

On October 17, 2009, Sichuan Beauty & Melody Orchestra temporarily arranged a fantastic performance of folk music for teachers and students in Milwaukee Modern Chinese School and locals loving Chinese culture in the leisure time during visiting performance in Hartford city of Wisconsin, one part of the tour of Chinese Folk Music’ Entry into the Community of American Mid-West Part. This tour was organized jointly by Sichuan Beauty & Melody Orchestra and Mid-America Arts Alliance. During performance, Mu Linghong, leader of the orchestra introduced various instruments one by one and separately explained music parts having different combination mode to audience. The site is becoming extraordinarily hot due to wonderful song supported with vivid explanation, kind and warm interactions and exchanges on and off stages. Chinese Overseas in Milwaukee, for the first time in history, enjoyed Chinese music quintessence overflowed with strong ethnic customs at their domestic doors, enabling us to sense strong affections and homesick feelings while moved by the fantastic traditional Chinese folk music.

It is learned that for purpose of popularizing traditional Chinese folk music and culture, Beauty & Melody Orchestra arranges many lectures and performances for this tour of visit to America within a period of 2 months, and its footprint has traversed mid and west part of America and extended into remote cities and towns where Chinese culture and folk music have never reached. We are deeply grateful at the temporarily added concert at weekend for Milwaukee Chinese overseas by the orchestra under busy circumstances. It thoroughly presented Chinese classic music and brought art enjoyment to us. We, hereby, wish to express cordial thanks to orchestra leader, Mu Linghong and all members! We are looking forward to enjoying the excellent performance of orchestra girls again.

The reports to the orchestra’s concert in America on Milwaukee Times, Milwaukee Local Chinese newspaper, and Milwaukee Lantern are attached, a periodic of Chinese culture. To enjoy the group photo of all orchestra members and little audience, please visit http://milwaukeechinese.org.

With best wishes!


November 8, 2009

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