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Important Performances


Release time:2010/8/11 15:19:40  Daily:883

At noon on August 4,2007, cheers and applause are surranding at Mexico zocalo square, nearly two million people here are enjoying the wonderful music performance from the Beauty and Melody,which from China's sichuan province.

There are 15 female music artists in this band.During the performances,they will use the traditional struments such as the string instruments, plucked string instruments and wind instruments to perform some chinese famous musical compositions like Flowing Water, A Moonlit Night on the Spring River, An ambush,TheJasmine, Folk Song of Tibet.Through the melody,the audiences can feel the harmony of the strings and notes.

When it comes to the melody Straw hat ,a mexican folk song played by chinese musical instrument, the local people seems to find some new experiences in this familiar melody. Some of the audiences can’t help dancing with the music.A 19 year-old college student named Jose who said“I can’t believe this,really.How can the musicians plays our music so good by using their chinese instruments. That’s fantastic!”

Source by XinHuaNet


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