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Important Performances

Beauty and Melody Performs in Dubai during Spring Festival

Release time:2010/8/11 15:31:48  Daily:3128

At 19:00 on February 22, 2010, the building of UAE Dubai Avis Foundation Headquarters was bright and full of audiences, as the opening ceremony of“2010 Joyful Spring Festival -- Dubai” was held here.

Hou Xianghua, Deputy Director of Bureau for External Affairs of Ministry of Culture of China, Gao Youzhen, Consul General of Dubai China Embassy and Dr. Mohamed•Abdulla•Mutawa, Director of Sheik Office of Dubai and member of Avis Foundation, presented at the activity and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. Totally about 500 people, including Yasir• Carl •Jarvi, Director of Performance Department of Dubai Bureau of Culture and Arts, Abudul • Hamid • Ahmed, Secretary of Avis Foundation and Abdulla•Allawi, Director of News Bureau of Sharjah and Overseas Chinese Community Leader in Dubai and Consulate representatives and local audiences, attended at the opening ceremony.

Hou Xianghua, Deputy Director of Bureau for External Affairs of Ministry of Culture of China and Dr. Mohamed•Abdulla•Mutawa, member of Avis Foundation made speeches. Mrs. Hou extended her thanks to UAE for its invitation and cooperation and introduced the contents of the activity. She said, UAE and China are both time-honored countries and cultural exchange as the belt between the two countries played an important role. And Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people, marks traditional Chinese culture and also complies with the concept of building “harmonious world”, Chinese people hoped to spend Spring Festival and share the happiness with overseas Chinese and foreign friends.

Dr. Mohamed • Mutawa, Director of Sheik Office of Dubai highly praised the efforts made by Ministry of Culture of China, China International Culture Association and Chinese Embassy in Dubai for the successful opening of this culture week. He said: “Arts, literature and culture are bridges for people’s soul communication. And the cultural interactions today are more the effective ways to prevent cultural barrier and deepen the understanding. Dubai people are honored to enjoy the festival with Chinese People”.

“Beauty & Melody” undertook the performance for the opening ceremony. The band demonstrated Chinese music culture in four chapters, namely, Classical Overview, Remote Poems, Foreign Customs and Colorful Nationalities. The joyful “Spring Festival Overture” greeted to people in line with the activity theme; traditional opera “Birds Pay Homage to Phoenix” brought festival blessings; classical and fashionable “Night Banquet in Shu Palace” mixed with Arabic tunes and demonstrated the inclusiveness of Chinese music; and the UAE folk songs specially prepared for this trip showed the friendship between UAE people and Chinese people. The dynamic rhythms and passionate performance won applauses again and again.

he performance was a big success. After the performance, Abudul • Hamid • Ahmed, Secretary of Avis Foundation presented the performances with flowers and memorial cups. He said: “It’s splendid! It’s the most wonderful performance since this theatre was built”.

Founded in 2004, “Beauty & Melody” has a batch of members graduated from the professional musical academies. They are not only skilled at playing musical instruments but also skilled in singing, dancing and good in body shape as well. Through years’ practice and experience on domestic and foreign stages, “Beauty & Melody” has grown into a name card of external cultural dissemination for China. The band has performed for state leaders and foreign state leaders and been appointed by the State Council News Office and Ministry of Culture of China to visit over 20 countries and regions and has been well accepted and highly praised.

This time, “Beauty & Melody” has again successfully completed the severe and glorious task. It delivered the friendship through music and enhanced the exchange and understanding of China and UAE.

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