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Short Message about the Visit to America in September 2009

Release time:2010/8/11 15:45:33  Daily:2419

invited by Arts Midwest of the United States, the Beauty & Melody orchestra in Sichuan Song and Dance Troup had joined government exchange activity, organized by  the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)and the Arts Midwest, to promulgate Chinese culture. This visit was designated by Ministry of Culture with allowed period from September 16 to October 27 of 2009. It gained high appraisals from people at all levels. This visit had successfully completed the task of culture exchange for: it crossed five states in west America, including South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Minnesota, and five cities, with journey of more than 5000 miles; Chinese culture of music was brought into two universities, 30 middle and primary schools and different communities, companies and factories with 60 lectures and 9 music concerts; through close-distance contact and exchange, Chinese culture had surely sown her seeds into the heart of American citizens, left behind graceful folk music and kind smile, winning the loud applause and approvals of local people.

Started by a slide introducing China and Chengdu, our lecture, which puts panda topic at its beginning, has attracted the children who are curious about outside world. Then, the orchestra of Beauty & Melody played a cheerful and ethnic music to give them a general impression about Chinese folk music. Next, Chinese music instruments are introduced in sections: woodwind section, String Section, Plucked String section, all of which could play out a wonderful and skill-glaring music part that audience are able to understand and enjoy directly American music is specially arranged to play in the lecture where all teachers and students applaud and join in the chorus, this has exchanged the souls of two nations. Students are invited to platform to play all kinds of music instruments, so as to raise their interests in Chinese music instruments. The last link to the lecture is to answer fork music questions on site and to deliver panda mementoes. These activities have exited American students’ enthusiasm on Chinese folk music and deepened their recognitions and understandings of Chinese folk music knowledge. We’ll make local adjustment in individual links of the lecture to Middle School, in order to introduce background and culture of music as important part. Against students of university and audience in community who have better understanding, we’ll focus on the selection of classic folk songs, highlight the introduction of Chinese folk’s history and development and emphasize on interactive communications with audience, for purpose of their deep understanding of Chinese music and culture.

Our concert is basically filled with audience for previous lectures held in schools and powerful propagations in communities. Chinese music, which is multiple and involves many kinds, is introduced in the concert to audience with three movements: Chinese classic music, Chinese ethnic minorities’ music and foreign classic music. American country music and Bluces music are specially played at site. There is a strong response among audience-the concert is often made curtain calls many times and encored frequently. The situation is quite hot that at the end of concert, audience is desirous to buy music disk of the Beauty & Melody orchestra, and claims for the signatures of actors.

This visit has fully demonstrated such images of Chinese modern youth - with new life, optimism and openness, to American public, made them clear about China, which is different from what described in numerous Medias in America. In addition, the visit has also received much broader appreciations and recognitions of Chinese culture and music from American mass, promoting the culture exchanges between Sino and America. And the relationship between the countries is intensified through music.

The sponsor of America is quite satisfied with Beauty & Melody’s tour in America for excellent performance. After the orchestra comes back to China, it is specially recommend to the greatest American University Performance Manager Organization by David Fraher,Executive Director of Arts Midwest of America. The organization fly to Chengdu for special purpose of watching the orchestra’s performance, for which the orchestra elaborately prepares one classic program integrated the effect of vision and audio. This symbolizes that the orchestra has taken Chinese music on prevailing stage of performance in America, really entered American main-stream performing market.

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