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Year 2010

In 2010, the orchestra held “Concert of Chengdu’s Voices” with Chengdu TV. This was reported by several media and approved by all circles.

In 2010, the orchestra was assigned by Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China to perform at the opening of Joyful Spring Festival in Dubai.

Year 2009

Performed at the opening ceremony of the 2nd International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage .

Performed again in 12 charity performances at quake-hit areas to console people there.

Performed at Sanjiang Concert .

Performed in the Evening of Conference and Exhibition Practitioners.

Visited and performed in 10 cities in the United State.

Year 2008

Invited to perform at “Sino-Russia Youth Festival” held at Saint Petersburg, Russia by Ministry of Culture.

Performed at opening ceremony of Li Bai Poem Festival at Jiangyou .

Performed at opening ceremony of Luo Jiang Poem Festival.

Performed at opening ceremony of Kuanxiangzi and Zhaixiangzi Alley, Chengdu.

Visited Czech、 Slovakia performing “Feeling China • Travel to Central Europe” which was arranged by State Council Information Office.

Performed in 15 charity performances at the quake-hit areas and consoled the heart with music.

Performed at Bashu Celebrity Autumn Concert.

Performed at the 50th anniversary of Jiuzhou Group.

Invited by Hubei Provincial CPC Publicity Department to hold New Year Concert at Wuhan Theater.

Held New Year Concert in Suzhou and well accepted by all circles.

Year 2007

Performed at the concert of Sino-France Cultural Exchange Festival together with French famous Lute performer.

Performed at “Feeling China • Travel to Mexico” at Mexico, appointed by State Council Information Office.

Held special concert for Female’s Day in Guangyuan.

Visited Spain appointed by Ministry of Culture.

Held New Year Concert at Deyang.

Year 2006

Visited five cities in the United State again.

Together with famed musician Ye Xiaogang, invited as the spokesman of a famed villa.

Invited by Ministry of Culture to visit Poland and Belura, promoted the charms of Chinese music.

Visited South Africa performing “Feeling China • Travel to South Africa” appointed by State Council Information Office.

Performed at the poem and music party “Tianfu Charm” held by Sichuan Provincial CPC Publicity Department.

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