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A group of beautiful girls come from the mysterious orient, it is the Beauty & Melody Orchestra of Sichuan Song and Dance Troup in the vast western part of China. Beauty & Melody was prepared for establishment in 2001 and formally founded in 2004. Orchestra has a group of skilled performer, all members graduated from the famous professional musical academies. They are not only skilled at playing Chinese folk instruments but also skilled in singing, dancing and performance as well. Undergoing practices on both domestic and international stages, Beauty & Melody has grown to be a visiting card that China promulgates externally. It has played for Chinese leaders and heads of foreign states many a time. Under the assignments of State Council Information Office of the P.R.C and the Ministry of Culture of the P.R.C, they have left their footprints in more than 20 nations around the world including Switzerland, U.S., South Africa, Mexico, Spain, etc. Performances of Beauty & Melody include not only passionate and fashionable folk music on gorgeous stage but also gentle and soft music in concert hall. The orchestra dauntlessly changes the playing ways of traditional instruments, absorbing the elements of both Chinese classical and folk dance and music. Integrated the effect of vision and audio, the rich connotation of Chinese folk music is thoroughly presented to the audiences.

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Year 2010
2010/8/11 14:13:14
In 2010, the orchestra held “Concert of Chengdu’s Voices” with Chengdu TV. This was reported b...
Year 2009
2010/7/27 17:58:43
Performed at the opening ceremony of the 2nd International Festival of Intangible Cultural Herita...
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