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Important Performances

Chinese Folk Music Rises in St. Petersburg

Release time:2010/8/11 15:30:30  Daily:1384

To promote the “Spring Festival” brand and cooperate the external popularization for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, “Beauty & Melody” was assigned by Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China to perform in St. Petersburg in Russia during Spring Festival.

On February 19, the folk music band held a concert for 800 overseas Chinese, abroad students and representatives of China-funded organizations. Classic programs including “On a Moonlit River in Spring”, “Butterfly Love”, “Blooming Flowers and A Full Moon”, “Joyfulness” brought the audiences blessings from the motherland. Russian famous songs including “Night in Moscow”, “Hawthorn Tree” and “Red Plum Blossom” were played with traditional Chinese musical instruments, which was special and attractive. The audiences said it was a splendid performance and brought the happiness of Spring Festival to St. Petersburg.

On February 21, “Beauty & Melody” performed with Russian artists at the Third Sino-Russia Carnival. Vice-Chairman of St. Petersburg City Council, Chairman of Outreach Committee, representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg governmental department, celebrities from business circle and culture circles, representatives of overseas Chinese and Chinese-funded institutions in St. Petersburg presented at the carnival. Chinese actors were dressed in elegant and beautiful Chinese national dresses, “Affectionate comes before melody”. Melodious tunes demonstrated the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture.

On February 22, “Beauty & Melody” also played “Jasmine Smell” and “Butterfly Love” for the New Year Party of China Central Confucian School in auditorium of St. Petersburg University of Finance. Most of the audiences were Russian students and their parents learning Chinese and Chinese culture. The performances have deepened their understanding of Chinese music culture and enhanced their interest and enthusiasm to learn Chinese.

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February 26, 2008

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