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Feature: Chinese Women Band Puts on An African Show

Release time:2010/8/11 15:36:19  Daily:2575

Chinese and African Performers Perform on the Stage

“Beauty & Melody” Presents African Show

Two flutes play the competing bird singing in African woods; a koto sings the primitive shouting of African tribes; several Chinese girls dance passionately…

On the evening of October 6, “Beauty & Melody” from Sichuan Song And Dance Troupe, China, presented an “South African Impression” at National Theatre in the capital of South Africa, Pretoria. The wonderful performances were highly praised by audiences. The passionate African tunes lingered in the night sky.

Mu Linghong, Chief of the Band and Arts Director said, the performance was specially created for “Sense China—A Trip to South Africa”. The performers were aspired by South African folk songs and played the songs in the form of traditional Chinese music, which was passionate and melodious. The golden and blue costumes symbolized the vast territory and brilliant sky of Africa.

Mu Linghong said: “From the enthusiastic response of audiences, our music is well accepted. Though it is the first visit to Africa for most performers, we have communicated with African people with music and our hearts get closer.”

When playing “Bright Eyes”, the musicians beat the koto, lute and Zhongruan and presented the audiences a vivid Africa drum music, which maximized the combination of diverse cultures. Solo song by He Yuan dressed as an “African girl” won booming applauses.

Beauty & Melody also performed traditional programs such as “Butterfly Love”, “Night Banquet in Shu Palace” as well as ethnic style programs such as “Ripe Grape” and “Xianzi and Tita”,which pushed the evening to the climax.

It is reported that the band will go to Cape Town after the two performances in Pretoria. They performers hope more chances to perform in Africa so as to extend the cultural exchange between China and Africa.

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