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A Glimpse of Singapore

Release time:2011/4/28 10:04:44  Daily:2395

A Journey of Beauty & Melody Orchestra to Singapore 
Invited by Chinese Newspapers Division and Singapore Press Holdings, a group of 8 people from Beauty & Melody Orchestra came to Singapore on January 10, 2011, a land merged with multi-national cultures, for a three-day culture exchange and performance.

At 2 o’clock of January 10, the Orchestra arrived at the Headquarters of Chinese Newspapers Division, Singapore Press Holdings, the host of the activity, to take part in the Spring Festival Mass Greeting Meeting of Chinese Newspaper Division, where the President, the Management and the elites of each department were present. As opening programs for the meeting, “Melody of Beauties” girls, in fashionable-traditional purple dress, gave the performances of Flower-Pickers, A Song to the Boxwood Shoulder Pole and Horses on the Prairie. The energical performance and play and the fair-sounding music caught everyone present with unceasing applauses. After the show, Lianhe Zaobao of Chinese Newspapers Division had an interview with the Orchestra. The report and pictures related were published in Culture Column of the next morning newspaper occupying on-quarter space of the newspaper, which aroused a close attention of the society.

In the coming days, the Orchestra took part in Spring Festival Mass Greeting Meetings of Radin Mas District, Readers of Chinese Newspapers Division, Woodlands District, Fengshan District, etc. Girls from “Melody of Beauties” brought a refreshing performance for these Singaporean Chinese, who experienced the charm of the new folk music and witnessed the vitality and gloss of Chinese cultures in the new era.

Relying on this journey to Singapore, Beauty & Melody Orchestra has built a bridge contributing to the exchanges between China and Singapore with the arts. Not only does it show the talents of Chinese modern young people and charm of Chinese cultures, but also bring a new year gift and comfort of homesickness for Singaporean Chinese.

A Concert for 2011 New Spring Concert was held in the Concert Hall of Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen.

Per Stig Moeller, Culture Secretary of Denmark, Morgens lykketoft, the First Deputy Speaker of Denmark, ambassadors of other countries, Overseas Chinese in Denmark, China-invested organizations, representatives of students abroad, almost amounting to 1,000 people, attended the concert. Before the concert was opened, Prime Minister of Denmark had just expressed his Spring Festival Greetings to Chinese people and Chinese in Denmark with a wish for continuous development of the relations between Denmark and China and happy new year.

Then the artists of Beauty & Melody Orchestra of Sichuan Provincial Singing & Dancing Ensemble gave a wonderful art performance, including dances, songs, instrument playing, etc. The opening instrument playing of Spring Festival Overture aroused a high excitement among audiences, followed by the Chinese traditional bamboo flute A Song to the Boxwood Shoulder Pole, zither with frame drum performance By the Side of the Yili Rive, cucurbit flute solo Spring in Dai Village, an instrumental ensemble of pipe music, and Spanish Matador and Erhu Solo Czardas merged with oriental and western Orchestral Music and Percussions. The concert ended with a group dance Xianzi and Tita, for which all audiences stood amid cheers and unceasing applauses.

After the performance, Ambassador Xie held a reception for the distinguished guests and gave a toast to the Spring Festival altogether, with a wish for favorable development of the relationship between China and Denmark and everlasting friendship among people of two countries. Copenhagen evening was still cold, but the warmth and joys derived from flowers and lamps in the concert hall represented the coming of new spring that was immersed in the laughs of people.

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