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A Flower in the Haze

Release time:2010/8/4 13:01:13  Daily:878
A Flower in the Haze       3:34
Music arranged by Lin Youping

“In bloom, she is a flower but not exactly is; in haze, she is the mist but not precisely matches. She comes at midnight hour like vernal dreams that cannot stay and goes with starry rays like morning clouds that melt away.” The plain music brings you boundless reverie.

A Flower in the Haze by Bai Juyi who was a poet in the Tang Dynasty has double meanings. Dim beauty is the greatest characteristic of this poem. The images of haze, vernal dreams and morning clouds are dim and misty. Connections between images are deliberately omitted to show comparatively large leap. The words here are mysterious and refined which worth repeated tastes and reveal the extraordinary artistic talent of the poet. The music named A Flower in the Haze exactly shows the artistic conception of dimness, mist and mystery, which will bring you endless reverie.

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