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Night Banquet in Shu Palace

Release time:2010/8/4 13:01:37  Daily:1056
Night Banquet in Shu Palace 6:04
Composed by Yu Shu, Zhu  Zhou,Gao WeiJie,   Adapted by Tang Qingshi

In Chengdu, China, a mausoleum of an emperor who lived in the Shu State in late Tang Dynasty was discovered. 24 girls in different postures with plucked instruments, aerophones and percussions in hand are engraved on the four sides of the coffin. This is the earliest female orchestra in the history of China. Since that period was the summit of cultural and economic development, the time honored culture is also reflected in the gorgeous imperial music and dance.

Night Banquet in Shu Palace is a folk orchestral music created by modern composers according to the “24 Jiyue”, reproducing the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. Wisely combined the elements of both the imperial music and that of the other nationalities, it shows the upgrowth and inclusion of Chinese music.

The performance of the orchestra of Beauty & Melody has the lady-in-waiting orchestra of the Tang Dynasty revived and brings the integrated beauty of the classical and the fad.

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